We aim to apply "good thinking" to all our projects

Since 2006, 99 Consulting has undertaken social policy, planning and organisational development work in the community services field.

99 Consulting brings together the considerable talents and expertise of some of Brisbane’s most experienced workers in social policy, community planning and development, business analysis, human service delivery and organisational development.

We’ve helped our clients achieve realistic solutions and develop innovative programs.

For example:

  • we’ve won a joint Planning Institute award for community and social planning with Redland City Council for their leading-edge social infrastructure strategy
  • we’ve helped the Indigenous Housing Organisations in the region develop a plan for future growth
  • we’ve investigated community facilities for Redlands, Sunshine Coast and Cairns local governments, and recommended short and long-term strategies to best use existing facilities now and plan for the future
  • we’ve delivered high quality planning and consultation documents for various government and non-government clients, such as Gold Coast City Council and Queensland Shelter
  • we’ve worked with clients like the National Affordable Housing Summit and the Department of Communities to develop policy options



99 Consulting